Cut your annual chiller system operating costs by up to 35% with SMARTenergy OPS®

Our optimization platform provides real-time continuous monitoring of a water-cooled chiller plant system every 15 minutes. Based on your chiller system operating data and our proprietary algorithms, our engineering team helps you optimize energy usage, improve system performance and reduce your annual operating costs by up to 35%, returning your investment in less than two years. Your energy and cost savings are easily calculated year by year, providing verified savings that can be included in sustainability reports or submitted to utility rebate programs.

What Makes SMARTenergy OPS® Stand Out from the Crowd?

  • We install and use highly accurate and calibrated sensors on your system to collect operating data and send it to our secure servers every 15 minutes. Our proprietary algorithms analyze the data across critical operating parameters specific to your chiller plant, which enables SMARTenergy OPS® to identify operating issues and actions to improve your system’s efficiency and reliability, while cutting operating costs.
  • SMARTenergy OPS® simulates the actual operating conditions of the chiller and develops a Calculated Part Load Value (CPLV) of the chiller efficiency. The difference between the actual operating kW/ton and CPLV sets the target for optimization and provides you with a lost opportunity cost.
  • SMARTenergy OPS® intelligently performs fault detection and diagnostics. This includes heat transfer issues, compressor performance, water flow issues, refrigerant stacking, system alarms and sensor errors.
  • You’ll have access to the data and optimization recommendations for the life of your equipment and sensors, providing true lifetime continuous commissioning at no additional cost.
  • We conduct a tailored refrigerant, oil and water sampling program, with the analysis conducted at our AHRI-certified lab – one of only three in the United States.
  • You receive dedicated engineering support for each customer installation. This support continues for 24 months after installation.