For nearly three decades, Hudson Technologies has supported the circular economy by turning used refrigerants into resources that are reintroduced into the market to support installed base of HVACR systems. With our unique and proprietary ZugiBeast? equipment, we provide nationwide rapid refrigerant recovery services, for even the most complex systems, that are completed in a fraction of the time typically required.

Refrigerant recovery is not only good for your bottom line, but it reduces the need for new refrigerants to be manufactured by energy intensive means. Hudson’s commitment to the circular economy includes recovering and reclaiming refrigerants and facilitating its reuse to reduce the overall impact on the environment. Turn what many think of a liability into an asset and as part of the recovery process sell your used refrigerants to Hudson. Our reclaim programs pay competitive market prices for your used refrigerant and provide reports which demonstrate the measurable and verifiable environmentally sustainable actions undertaken by your business.

And if your refrigerant recovery needs relate to a HVACR system conversion, we have the solution for you too. When looking to convert existing equipment to alternate refrigerants system owners, plant managers and service contractors need to reduce downtime and the cost of this expensive and time-consuming procedure. Every minute equipment is down results in a loss of production. Hudson’s unique and proprietary ZugiBeast? ensures that even the largest conversions can be completed in the minimum possible time.

If refrigerant recovery is necessary for the completion of chiller or other industrial system repairs, we can obtain refrigerant and oil samples and provide test results, interpretive analysis and tailor service recommendations. This allows you to address an issue before it becomes more serious.

By choosing Hudson for your refrigerant recovery, we can:

  • Save you time and money.
  • Free your skilled technicians for other more profitable work.
  • Significantly reduce recovery time.
  • Weigh the remaining charge and advise you if refrigerant is needed to top off the system for optimal operating condition.
  • Provide replacement refrigerants at competitive prices.
  • Analyze refrigerant samples to help you address any hidden issues.
  • Buyback any excess used refrigerant.