R22 Rumors Cause A Stir

The refrigerant R22 is the most common refrigerant in American HVAC systems. You may have heard that effective January 1, 2020 it will no longer be manufactured. However, it is important to distinguish that it will continue to be legally … Read More

Recover it but don’t reuse it

The recovery cylinders that you get from Hudson Technologies are not designed for clean refrigerant.? ?They should be used for?recovery only.? The refrigerant recovered is not meant to be reused before being processed back to AHRI standards.? Rather, what you … Read More

Virgin vs Reclaimed Refrigerant

Reclaimed refrigerant is often confused to mean “recycled” refrigerant, but they are vastly different.? Properly reclaimed refrigerant is identical to virgin refrigerant in purity and specification. ??If you were to ask us what the difference is between virgin and reclaimed … Read More

Do you know your cylinder markings?

There are many different types of cylinders in circulation today and not all cylinders are created equally.? Did you know that some cylinders are DOT exempt and cannot be reused? There are also different cylinder pressure ratings as well as … Read More